A letter from the President

Jan 23rd, 2019

Let me provide a little background: A few years ago there were a few guys from Saratoga who came up with the idea to bring together software professionals “Tech Loop”.   They got it started but all their days jobs got in the way. Fast forward to January 2018. After years of watching the landscape of this tech community grow and recover and the shortage of software engineers I decided to jump in.  

In April we formed a board and the non-profit NY Tech Loop became a reality,  with the goal of fostering and growing our software community; making it easier to hire software staff and to grow start-ups.

Our launch event was in May at Brown’s Brewing with 110 people in attendance.  

We had a few quick adopters aka Members – Tyler Technologies, Automate, Troy Web and      PUBG/Mad Glory. Shout out Thank You!!!

Several more that took advantage of our free postings for all software shops.  

Other important milestones so far:

4 road shows – in June and early July we went to each of our communities  (Albany, Saratoga, Schenectady and Troy) to share what “the loop” is trying to build.  

This fall we attended 5 outlining college job fairs: SUNY Binghamton, Clarkson, WPI, NJIT and Steven’s Institute raising awareness of our area to students who are from here and those open to upstate NY after graduation.  

We hosted 5 local college meet and greets with  over 160 computer science majors (freshman to seniors)  attend - SUNY Albany, Union, Siena, RPI, St Rose and Skidmore. These events were mutually beneficial to the schools and employers. Students they got to interact with software professionals to understand what they’d be doing with their degree.  Companies were able to interact with the students and share what their organization does and what career opportunities they might have. For the software engineer who participated it was easy to donate a few hours of their time and meet some bright students.  

We helped get the word out about: SQL Saturday, State of Grace, Google Dev Fest.   In addition, through our events page we promote every user group meeting.

We’ve also just completed some updates to the website which include: mailing lists, submitting events and a new level for Startups and Investors.  

What’s ahead for 2019?

• Getting more of you involved!!!! Please become a member - sign up for our mailing list- follow us on social medial Linked In, Twitter and Facebook.

• Paid advertising for our Job Board, Company features

• This Spring we’ll be attending at least 5 more jobs fairs: Clarkson, WPI, SUNY IT, Vermont Technical College and SUNY Binghamton

• Local college meet and greets – we plan to do this every semester, helping students and companies build relationships.  

• Supporting other events in the community:  Hack RPI, NYCWiC 2019 and others

A new year give us a chance to renew our commitment to the NY Tech Loop work toward growing our vibrant software community.  Come be a part of “the loop”!

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Susan Lundberg

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