Meet the 2019 IgniteU teams

Jul 22nd, 2019

Looking for an entrepreneurial hub right in the heart of Troy? Looking to ignite (pun intended) your startup and take it to the next level? IgniteU is exactly what you’re looking for. This summer, eight great startups led by brave entrepreneurs will be going through the IgniteU summer accelerator where they will be taking their companies to the next level. In this blog, we’ll introduce you to all eight startups AND tell you about an opportunity to see them at the final pitch of the year. We urge you to read through each startups’ description, follow them on social media, and join and network with several leaders, entrepreneurs, and companies in the region at the final event. P.S. There are eight companies so we added some puns to making reading a bit more bearable.

Now for the companies. We’ll go ahead and start our journey (Another pun?...I know) with Carmalink. Carmalink is a software company that builds hassle-free GPS fleet management, safety dashcam, and compliance solutions. Our mission is to deliver accessible telematics technology for businesses who need a modern solution to manage their mobile workforce.

Dancing on to the next team (The puns get worse), we have DancerTech. DancerTech creates software that solves common day to day problems in a dance studio and the dance industry. Their app, RunThrough helps dancers have practice videos each week.

I know it's a lot to read but wake up (sigh)! We’re not even halfway yet. Next up, we have Gaming Insomniacs. Gaming Insomniacs is an esports company based in Schenectady supporting both LAN and Online leagues, ranging from high school to Pro league.  

It's the halfway mark! You’re making great progress (ha!). Next, we have PPCS or Progressive Primary Care Solutions. PPCS is a privately owned, primary care nursing service operated by professional, registered nurses who have over 30 years of combined experience. PPCS connects medical groups, clinicians, hospital systems, communities, and other healthcare organizations to PPCS, Inc.’s highly trained and qualified primary care nurses and offers solutions to improve healthcare delivery and accessibility to patients in communities across the nation.

By the way, in case you were just scanning through all of this, we did highlight the companies and linked their websites. With that being said, we’d like to introduce ReceiptHQ! Receipt HQ scans your signed credit card receipts, gives you the ability to quickly search for them, and provides you with analytics to help you grow your business.

(Hopefully, our finances aren’t affected by these puns). Next, on our list, we have Stockgitter Inc! Stockgitter Inc is a global financial solutions company providing 24-hour financial news and information, including real-time and historical price data, simulations, trading news, and analyst coverage into one financial assistant platform. Our aim is to allow everyone to realize the opportunities that are available in the financial market to shape their own personalized financial growth.

I know you’re running out of steam but there’s only two companies left! Next we have Tinker & Fiddle. Tinker & Fiddle is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education company that encourages youth to learn and apply technology through creative exploration and problem solving. We host STEAM programming for youth ages 8-15 and design curriculum for grade levels K-12.  

You’ve made it to the last startup! You deserve a troph...For the last startup, we have TropheCase. TropheCase is a dedicated network of like-minded athletes and sports affiliates. A digital players card, available to all ages, levels and over 85 sports categories, which uniquely displays stats and social multimedia content in one spot. Revolutionizing the way athletes build and showcase their brands for exposure. Transforming the way sports affiliates search and find the athletes they need. Every journey will be different, join us to capture your sports evolution for your specific needs and long-term success.

There you have it! Eight great startups working to take things to the next level. Did one of them catch your eye? Come here from these amazing folks at the IgniteU Startup Showcase on August 5th, 2019. RSVP by clicking the following link:

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