Troy Web Consulting

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Troy Web Consulting lives by the ideals of flexibility, creativity, and attention to detail. Located in Troy, NY, it was founded in 2002 by a small group of software developers who wanted to dive into working with rapid application development tools in a supportive workplace that would keep them challenged and engaged.

Troy Web offers a wide variety of services, each one tailor-made to fit our customers’ needs. We create custom software to suit any client’s unique requirements—and what’s more, we work with our clients long past the initial development phase to ensure their software is kept up-to-date and streamlined for the best and most secure product possible.

We are experienced in design, and can help you create an engaging and intuitive user experience. Our attention to detail, research, and data analysis allow us to make well-informed design decisions, and provide you with detailed specifications which make it easy to implement these designs.

Software is constantly changing, and it can sometimes feel overwhelming and difficult to keep up. That’s why Troy Web offers modernization and integration services as well. We’ll help you determine when and how to upgrade components of your system most efficiently. We can also help you integrate intelligent systems and new devices securely, giving you all of the flexibility and resources these technologies have to offer without the worry that sometimes comes along with them.

We will consult with you on a variety of issues, and help you devise strategies for a wide assortment of plans. We can work with you to figure out where to start on a software product you want to create, assess the security of your system and help you comply with industry standards, or fix any issues in code you’re already using.

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