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Vewr is a blockchain based video sharing platform for content creators who have tailored their content (or digital media) to avoid demonetization on current video sharing platforms, Vewr will restore creative and pricing autonomy to the creator. Unlike larger video sharing platforms, Vewr will have a transparent adverting policy and direct subscriptions. Vewr’s main objective is to give the creator autonomy over both their content and their revenue. Over the past few years content creators have had autonomy taken away from them by large video sharing platforms. This is though their enigmatic and opaque advertising policy’s. Because of the policy’s that are in place creators are faced with the dilemma of having to self-sensor their own content or be demonetized. We are doing this by offering traditional advertising revenue and also monthly paid subscriptions. This way consumers can directly contribute to creators. Creators can set prices for their content. We are also hoping to restore autonomy over their content by using blockchain technology. By using blockchain we can assist the creator by showing them how their content is being used and by who. This will allow creators to track their content and make sure that it is being used appropriately.
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