January 22

Agnos Tech Valley 2019 Kickoff

Join us to kick of 2019 and help plan the coming months katas and discussions. We will also have a chance to catch up with any new projects and meet some newcomers.

January 22

Front End Web Development Classes

This 12-week course in Front-End Web Development is structured around tutorials, assignments, and individual and group projects to give students hands-on practice building the pieces of code that determine how an online experience feels, and connect the user experience into the data-crunching processes of the back end. Through lecture and individual assignments, students will establish solid foundations in key tools of front end developers: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript/jQuery, and collaborative workplace/version control tool Github. The latter part of the course features team based portfolio-building projects for community organizations, giving students real-world experience in web design and development. This course may be of particular interest to graphic designers, as it teaches the technical skills necessary for UI (user interface) development and wire-framing. The course may also be attractive to beginning programmers with aspirations to create mobile applications, as it establishes foundations in JavaScript that support eventual progression into Full-Stack Web Development. This course meets two evenings per week, three hours per session. Occasional labs outside of class meetings will provide further opportunities for mentoring and networking opportunities.

January 22

Intro to Predictive Modeling

This workshop will introduce the basic concepts and procedures for predictive modeling in R including: * How to evaluate the quality of predictive models using confusion matrices and ROC curves * Classification and regression trees (CART methods) * Ensemble methods (e.g. random forests, boosting, bagging) * Discussion of issues and limitations of "black box" predictive modeling

January 24

The AI Opportunity: Developing an AI Ecosystem in Upstate New York

What is artificial intelligence? Why does AI matter? What opportunities does it present locally and regionally? In this Lunch and Learn event, panelists will share ideas, experiences, and viewpoints about AI technology, research and development, ethics, and policies. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A session and network with professionals in the industry who share common goals.

January 29

January k8s meetup

Kicking off the 2019 capital region k8s meetup at Nfrastructure. Get together with others using kubernetes to learn and share what you know. Find out how others are using it and start asking questions to your latest challenges.

February 2

Capital District GoBridge - Ultimate Go

The Capital Region programming meetup AgnosTechValley is hosting a free, two-day workshop about the Go programming language. Go is an open source programming language, originally developed at Google, that enables the production of simple, efficient and reliable software at scale.

February 4

Front End JavaScript Frameworks Classes

This is an intermediate class suitable for students who have a strong foundation in JavaScript. It begins by solidifying student skills in functional programming, higher order functions, callbacks, currying, recursions and promises. JSX and Virtual DOM are covered and practiced, then the curriculum dives into components in React.js and other currently popular frameworks. This course meets two nights per week, three hours per session, for twelve weeks. Software developers from local firms will visit the class to provide an employer contact and student mentorship.

February 6

StartUp Tech Valley Meet-Up - February18

For those of you who are new, Startup Tech Valley is a monthly meetup for first-time entrepreneurs, experienced entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, employees of startups, service providers to startups, and anyone else who wants to be involved. To register for this event, you must go to our website.